Mega Pike Bundle


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Get ready for fall pike fishing with this bundle 🔥

  • Flatnose Shad - Black Okoboji Perch (price: $21.10)
  • Köfi Perch 14 cm Natural Perch (price: $12.75)
  • Abu Garcia Beast Twin Tail 2-pack 17cm Eel Pout (price: $13.51)
  • Buster Jerk 15cm Golden Roach (price: $25.65)
  • Headbanger Shad 16cm Floating Roach (price: $30.21)
  • Buster Swim 13cm Sunfish (price: $30.21)
  • Gunki Boomer Chatterbait Blue Alive 10gr (price: $11.99)
  • Nettel Juvenile - Red and Black (2-pack) (price: $28.69)
  • M-WAR Shallow Stinger 1/0 (price: $11.99)
  • BFT Shallow Stinger Single Stainless Steel 2-pack (price: $11.99)
  • Darts Clip Weights BOX (price: $30.21)
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What is this?

We have included our very favorites in this bundle. For the softbaits we included paddletails (Flatnose Shad and Köfi Roach) and curlytails (Abu Beast Twintail and Nettel Juvenile).

For the hardbaits there's some variety there as well. We chose a classic Buster Jerk that you easily jerk from side to side. For the Buster Swim you just add it on your leader and retrieve - the seductive movement will trig any pike to attack! The Headbanger Shad have a very erratic movement which can be highly effective to get the pike active! There's also a Chatterbait to spice things up even more!

Some rigging tips:

Use the M-WAR Stinger 1/0 to the Flatnose Shad and the Abu Beast Twintail. The Single Stinger you can use with the Köfi Roach and Nettel Juvenile. Another tip is to rig the Nettel Juvenile on the Chatterbait for maximum effect, and also you can add the single stinger to easier hook the pike!

In order to fish deeper you can add the add-on weight from the Darts clip weight box.

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Mega Pike Bundle


Out of stock

Get ready for fall pike fishing with this bundle 🔥