Megabass X Layer Curly 12,5 cm 5-pack Wakasagi

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Perch candy from Megabass!

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What is this?

The X-Layer Curly is a softbait with a long flagellum on the caudal part. Unlike most grubs whose tail makes a pronounced lateral beating, the X-Layer Curly keeps a tail perfectly in line while the flagellum under the lure oscillates at the slightest solicitation.

Whether in freshwater or at sea this particularly realistic lure has quickly established itself as an indisputable reference to target the most suspicious predators. There are many experts in the technical fisheries of large fish who tell us the faculties of this lure to seduce large suspicious fish.

12,5 cm, 11 gr. Comes in 5-pack.

Length 11-12 cm
Weight 11-15 gr