Monkey Vibe 16-pack - Limited Edition Colors, 8cm



Limited edition colors!

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What is this?

Rig tips:

1. On a Drop Shot rig! This is what it was designed for from the beginning.

2. On a jig head, since the tail will have a nice paddling action this is a very effecive jig to use with a jig head.

What is unique with this bait except the cool bodyshape is that is can be fished effectively with many different methods.

It moves extremely nice when fishing it on a drop shot rig and even with the slightest twitch with the rod it gets a worm-like movement in the water thanks to the ribbed body. When you are retrieving it through the water the tail will have a nice paddling action, which also makes it possible to fish it with a jigghead just as well as with a drop shot rig!

A perfect bait to keep as a secret weapon on the days when nothing else seems to be working and the perch are inactive and not in the mood to strike!

Usually the perch eat small fish/fry, but in some waters they eat crawfish or worm-like animals. In these waters the Monkey Vibe will work particularly good!

The Monkey Vibe 8 cm has a tiny weight of 2,8gr.

Weight 1-5 gr
Length 8-10 cm
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Limited edition colors!