Saxa Shade - "The Pike Editon" Baitcast 7'7'' - 30-90gr

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The lightweight of the heavyweight class!

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What is this?

These rods are designed for the big sof rubber baits and jerkbaits, which are really popular for pike in the Northern Europe. The blanks are made of 40ton carbon fber and have a set of Japanese Fuji guides and a Fuji reel seat.

The reel seats are designed so that you ft your fnger on the blank. The guides on these rods are small and light to guide the line as close to the blank as possible. That’s why you can feel even the slightest nibbles!

Saxa Shade 7’7’’ 30-90 g is one of the most lightweight pike rods ever made! It weights just 136 grams. But it’s stll a 100% pike rod! A perfect rod for castng basic-sized jerkbaits, downsize sofbaits and well - allmost everything. This rod is the absolute favorite of the Saxa fshing team!

Great rod!

what a phenomenal rod! on this rod every pike is great fun, especially the low weight is so pleasant to fish


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The lightweight of the heavyweight class!