Svartzonker McJerk 15cm



Jerkbait form Abu Garcia 👌

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What is this?

McJerk is a super easy glide bait developed for tough pike and predatory fishing. McJerk can be used with any kind of gear when jerked or twiched dances it side to side wit a nice belly roll. And on straight retrieve swimmes it in wide S curves. It has short flashes on the sink/drop.

1-pack, 70gr, 12m

• Made from super durable ABS with stainless steel weights, Stainless
steel wire through, premium splitrings and sharp hooks
• Slow sinking and fishes between 0-2 meters - 0-7 feet

Length 13-15 cm
Weight 61-80 gr
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Abu Garcia/Svartzonker

Jerkbait form Abu Garcia 👌