TEAM GALANT - Perch bundle

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We asked Philip, Edvin and Tobias to choose one lure each for perch fishing 🤩

  • Flatnose Mini 10-pack - Motorpike (price: $14.76)
  • Monkey Shad 9 cm - Forest Green 12-pack (price: $7.33)
  • Baby Dragon 10-pack - Motoroil Hot Tail (price: $14.76)
  • Owner Ultra Jig Head 3/0 10gr (price: $6.27)
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What is this?

Philip Swidén chose the Monkey Shad 9cm - Kiwi (12-pack)

Tobias Ekvall chose the Flatnose Mini - Ghost Roach (10 pack)

Edvin Johansson chose the Flatnose Baby Dragon - Kiwi (10-pack)

We also include a pack of jig heads from Owner, (3-pack) 3/0 10gr.