Edvins Perch fishing Set Up Spinning UL

Quantum , Molix


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Get yourself a brand new perch fishing set, same as Edvin is using! This is for a bit lighter fishing.

  • Molix Skirmjan R. Predator 7' 3,5-10 gr (price: $200.96)
  • Abu Garcia Superior 2000S (price: $165.47)
  • Spiderwire Stealth Smooth 12 Braid Translucent 0,11mm (price: $35.37)
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What is this?

In this fishingset there is a rod from a Italian company named Molix. The name of the rod is Skirmjan R. Predator, 7' and recommended lure weight is 3,5-10gr, which makes it very easy to feel every little bite. However, Edvin has been using it with slighter heavier weights and it works perfectly fine.

Together with this rod Edvin is using the Superior 2000S reel from Abu Garcia. This reel is designed by the Japanease Abu Garcia Team. It's a modern, light and strong spinning reel.

On the reel Edvin is using a braided line from Spiderwire, 0,11mm (translucent).

If you want some new lures, check out this bundle that Edvin put together with his favorite baits.

Choose species: Perch
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