Here you find the unique bait MIURAS MOUSE that you most likely have seen in FLY VS JERK. It has many big pike on its conscience, including a 127cm 13,88kg pike, see it in action HERE! A unique lure that will add something new to your lurebox.

Miuras Mouse - 23 cm, 95 gr

Strike Pro


La Miuras Mouse est un mélange unique de bucktail et d’une queue en plastique.

Miuras Mouse Mini 20cm, 40gr

Catch With Care


Mini mouse by Maurizio Carini is a Miuras Mouse gone downsize!

Miuras Double tail MINI extra tails

Catch With Care


The original tail to the Miuras Mouse Mini. Easily attached to any tail bait or costuming ...

Miuras Mouse Extra Tails Big

Strike Pro


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