Vision GLASS Streamer 7´6″ #6



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Super fun rod to hunt down the TROUTS with!

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What is this?

Glass Streamer has a deep bend but at the same time it offers plenty of power for overlong casts. These are not a traditional glass fibre noodle type rods, they really performs well with different type fly lines. Vibe 85+ or Bottom Express is the ideal choice for Streamer. When playing a fish they feel like rubber shock absorbers keeping the fish hooked until the picture & release.

  • Full flex
  • Two piece
  • Chrome plated stainless steel snake guides & stripping guide
  • Small cork full wells handle &small cork fighting butt
  • Matt black aluminium reelseat with glass fibre insert
  • Fibre glass rod tube
  • Cloth bag
  • 112 gr