Westin HypoTeez ST 25 cm With Stinger

  • Gator Stinger ELITE X-Large 4/0 (price: $11.45)
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What is this?

Based on the hugely successful Westin Hypoteez, this new version of one of our most popular soft lures features an extremely life-like, tight and erratic swimming action thanks, in part, to its extra inch in length. The lure can easily be fished close to the surface when shallow rigged, or right down in the depths with a jighead. Its impressively realistic fins and belly fins may fool you into thinking you're fishing livebait - and the predators too, they won't be able to resist.

  • Optimized flexibility
  • Realistic Eyes
  • Life-Like lure
  • Easy action paddle tail
  • Hand painted detailed colors

Strongest Stinger on the planet, with tripple barrel swivels and spikes with VMC permasteel hook.

  • Easy fit, placement pin design
  • Stainless steel
  • Strong Closed loop
  • Optimized for soft lures between 25-30cm.

Pike angler approved and optimized to hook pike in the best way due to the mobility of the swivels.

Strongest Stinger on the planet, Never loose a pike due broken stinger.... and of course all in Stainless steel hardware.

Comes in 1-pack

Choose species: Pike