Drunk Bait 8cm 6-pack #lmab



Cool jig for perch!

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Qu'est-ce que c'est?

The perfect baitfish has been imitated a thousand times. Smart predators attack wounded and inattentive victims – Drunk Bait. Ideal for heavily fished waters extremely effective in water with high amounts of baitfish

  • LARGE MOUTH - Embedding of Jig Head
  • SLIM CONNECTION - Staggering movement
  • BULGY BODY - Attacking Zone close to the hook
  • PECTORAL FIN - Micro-Vibrations for
  • LARGE ROUNDTAIL - Strong pressure waves

Comes in 6-pack. 8 cm and weights 8 gr.

Longueur 8-10 cm
Weight 6-10 gr
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Cool jig for perch!