Köfi Perch 18cm



The flanking and rolling pike bait, now in a bigger size!

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43gr, 1-pack
When the German brand #LMAB introduced the KØFI Perch in 3 sizes (7cm, 11cm, 14cm) many, many fish were caught on those lures right away. So it was not a big surprise that many pike anglers wanted to have a bigger size. It took the Germans quite a bit to develop exactly the action, they wanted to have. We are happy that we can finally offer the flanking and rolling pike bait!

We offer you all existing KØFI Perch standard colours: The very flashy colours Firetiger and Green Pumpkin Chartreuse, the two very natural colours Ghost Perch and Real perch and also a mixture between flashy and natural colours: Natural Perch works normally well in both clear and muddy water.
If you are interested in your own custom colour, we have great news for you: The 18cm KØFI Perch is one of the baits we are happy to offer you in our Photofish-Tool, so your colour choice is basically unlimited!
Length 16-19 cm
Weight 41-50 gr
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The flanking and rolling pike bait, now in a bigger size!