Darts Glow Tube - Red and Green

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Luminous tube from Darts with many areas of usage.

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What is this?

These luminous tubes from darts have many areas of usage. Can be used to cover the knots on your leader, on a tube fly, as an extra attraction on the hook etcetera.

We like to put a small piece of tube on the hooks of our lures to create extra attraction and an illusion of more movement of the lures since the hooks usually gets like an extension of the lure with a movement of it's own. This will spice-up basically any lure and works great both for pike, perch and most other fish.

The smaller sizes are perfect for your perch lures and the 5 mm is perfect to put over your pike hooks.

Available in 3, 4 and 5 mm in Red and Green.

~ 60-80 cm tube/bag.