Bauer Pike Shrink Tube - 1 m



1,2 mm shrink tube, perfect to use for your pike fly leaders.

Bauer Pike Wire - 5 meter

Partridge of Redditch

Out of stock


Very good nylon coated leader material from Partridge. 20 lbs is perfect for perch fishing...

Vision Big Mama Leader



The new Big Mama leader family is made for active predator fly fishermen!

Vision Pike Wire and Monofilament Leader


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Ready-to-use pike monofilament and wire leader from Vision.

Vision Spacefluoro Tippets



Strong, soft and low-visibility leader material from Vision. Great for all kinds of fly fi...

Vision Wireline Leader Material - 35 lbs


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Coated wire leader material from Vision.

TIPPET RINGS, Stealth Big 20kg


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Tie the end of your leader onto one of these and then tie your tippet length to the ring.

Vision NANO MONO leader 9' (270cm)



Nano Mono leaders offer you two options for that special moment when you are facing the gr...