Ready To Use Leaders

CWC Titanium No-Kink Leader 12” (30cm)-10lbs / 4,5kg Perch

Catch With Care


Light no-kink leader ideal for hard bait fishing for perch. Smooth, durable and strong. Eq...

CWC Titanium Wire Leader Pike

Catch With Care


Made from seven strand titanium. Size 4/4,5 Stay Lok and size 4 stainless steel swivels. ...

CWC Fluorocarbon Leader 20” (50cm) Perch

Catch With Care


Perch styled Fluorocarbon leaders. With Fastach size 1 and size 6 stainless steel swivels...

CWC Fluorocarbon Leader Pike

Catch With Care


Top of the line Fluorocarbon with size 4/4,5 Stay-Lok and size 4/2 stainless steel swivel...

Darts Wolfram leader 25 cm, 15Kg



Complete leader to your Perch fishing!