Gunki Jiger 4,2 cm S

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Versatile lure with a spinner blade that catches plenty of big fish.

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What is this?

The dense body of the Jiger lets you work different water layers depending on the speed of retrieve and the way you work it.  Perfectly balanced for vertical fishing along quaysides or from a boat the Jiger can also be used for power fishing to quickly cover areas of open water.  The lead core of the lure has been coated in a special polymer that will stand up to repeated attacks from fish.  The blade will keep turning and giving off deep vibrations even at very low speeds.  Like the Kaiji lures there are 3 fixing points so you can vary the swimming action on the bankside.  This is a versatile lure that catches plenty of big fish!

Action: Rolling
Model: Sinking
Depth: 2 m
Weight: 16,1 g
Size: 4,2 cm


Ett av 2019 favorit drag. Har tagit ett 10tal kilos abborrar på den här med en top på 1680g . Perfekt sökbete för mig som kör utan ekolod.