#LMAB Sclera Polarized Sunglasses



The Floating Polarized Sunglasses!

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What is this?

Not only are the brand new #LMAB Sclera polarized glasses extremely good looking, they are also floating. Although several companies advertise their glasses are scratch free and basically undestroyable, the reality is often very
different. That’s why the Sclera sunglasses come with a super soft bag and an elegant hard case to ensure you can enjoy them for a really long time.

In spite of the great features, stylish bag and hard case, #LMAB has managed to offer these glasses at a very reasonable price.

• Polarized
• Floating
• Light (only 20g)
• Extremely comfortable
• Soft bag
• Hard case
• Stylish
• UV-Protection 400

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The Floating Polarized Sunglasses!