• Abu Garcia Beast Curl Tail 17cm, Lava Motoroil (price: $6.13)
  • Abu Garcia Beast Twin Tail 21cm, Vintage Perch (price: $6.13)
  • Abu Garcia® Beast Insta-Spinnerbait, Fegis (price: $9.92)


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What is this?

The Beast curl tail has a wide tail that is carefully designed with an eye for detail. The special ridge gives the lure an unrivalled rocking motion that no pike will be able to resist. Made for slow to moderate fishing speed. During the testing phase numerous large pike were caught on “the drop” in deep water.

The Beast Twin tail has two flexible twin tails that are carefully designed with eye for detail. The special shape gives the lure a unique erratic action that often proves to be a game changer on days when pike are cautious. Made for slow to moderate fishing speed and can be used with shallow rigging systems as well as jig heads. 

With the Instant Spinnerbait you easily turn your softbait into an attractive spinnerbait. Made with heavy duty components, this reliable spinnerbait setup will create a lot of extra vibrations, resistance and a large profile to your pike softbait! Abu Garcia® Beast Insta-Spinnerbait

Choose species: Pike
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