Selected by Team Galant

Edvin and Tobias from Team Galant are two experienced anglers who have spent many years perfecting their fishing techniques. They have carefully selected a range of lures and set-ups that they believe are the most effective for catching a variety of fish species. If you have a hard time knowing what to choose, we have listed some favorites below.

Edvin's Perch Bundle 1 Finesse Team Galant

579 kr(623 kr)

This is what Edvin is using when he is fishing finesse!

Edvin's Perch Bundle 2 Flatnose Mini Team Galant

519 kr(556 kr)

A must have bait if you ask Edvin (and many, many others).

Team Galant's favorite perch lures

469 kr(524 kr)

This bundle is with some of Tobias Ekvall and Edvin Johansson's favorite lures for perch f...

Tobias Perch Bundle 3 Finesse (Team Galant)

229 kr(267 kr)

Finesse fishing is a technique that involves using lighter tackle and lures in an effort t...

Tobias Perch Bundle 5 Hardbaits (Team Galant)

669 kr(725 kr)

Very effective bundle when hunting for the Perch!

Kanalgratis Official Christmas Calendar 2023

1595 kr

The best-seller is back! Kanalgratis Christmas calendar 2023 is now available for pre-orde...