Fatnose Shad With M-WAR Shallow Stinger 3/0 Bundle

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Edvin Johansson, member of Team Galant and also known from "Fishing with Edvin and Philip",  is a young angler and lure builder with a big passion for pike fishing. The Fatnose Shad has a high profile and a small body which gives it a really seducing movement in slow speeds. These characteristics also makes the lure more easily spotted and lures the pike upp from the depths. Fatnose Shad is a follow up to the popular Flatnose Shad.

New stinger from M-WAR. This stinger is equipped with two 3/0 hooks from Mustad. Total length of the stinger is 18cm and it has a breaking strength of 45kg/100lbs. Material Stainless Steel.

Choose species: Pike