BFT Drop Shot Tungsten Pencil Weight

BFT - Big Fish Tackle


Environmentally friendly drop shot weight that really pinches the line.

BFT Tungsten Bullet Weight

BFT - Big Fish Tackle


Bullet weights for your Texas and Carolina rigs.

Darts Bullet Weight Tungsten



Bullet weights for your Texas and Carolina rigs.

BFT Tungsten Fastach Sinker

BFT - Big Fish Tackle


Weight with fastach - it has never been more easy!

Darts Clip Weights - Tungsten



Small easy to use weights that makes your fishing simple when you can change weight on you...

Darts Clip Weights BOX



Mixed clip weights from Darts.

Illex John Weight



The John weight is a handy accessory that lets you quickly change the swimming depth of a ...

Strike Pro Power Dots - 9 pack

Strike Pro


Easy to attach add-on-weights to put on your lure to add weight or change the balance.

Spro Lead Drop Shot sinker


Out of stock


Lead sinker to your drop shot rig.

BFT Tungsten Nail Sinker - 6 pack 1,8gr

BFT - Big Fish Tackle


A small add-on weight to put in your rubber lures to add weight or adjust the balance.