Bite of Bleak Chatterbait with Trailer


Used in PERCH PRO 7!

Flatnose Mini and Jig Heads

EJ Lures


Flatnose Mini from Edvin Johansson is an effective soft bait for perch!

Flatnose Shad with stinger BUNDLE


Our favorite lure Flatnose shad with a stinger that fits perfect!

Zalt 17cm Bundle



If you don't have a Zalt in your lure range it is time you get yourself one!

Zander Spin Fishing Bundle


Our favorite softbait for Zander fishing gathered in one bundle!

Abu Beast Gift Pack

Abu Garcia


Ultimate give away gift box (to someone else or why not yourself?🥳) including some goodi...

ASH Bundle (A color that catch!)


It might not look much to the eye but it sure catches fish!

Berkley® Pro Pack C-rig



Popularity of the Carolina Rig has increased exponentially.

Berkley® Pro Pack Drop Shot



The Berkley Pro Pack – Drop Shot contains different sizes and colors softbaits, all PowerB...

Berkley® Pro Pack Jig Minnow Clear Water



The Berkley Pro Pack – Jig Minnow contains a perfect combination of sizes and colors for a...

Berkley® Pro Pack Jig Minnow Dark Water



The Berkley Pro Pack – Jig Minnow contains a perfect combination of sizes and colors for a...

BUNDLE - 2 x Flatnose Dragon and stinger (German approved)

EJ Lures


2 X Flatnose Dragon (Golddigger and Real Roach) and a stinger. Proven to work on the Germa...

Bundle with new colors of Headbanger

Headbanger Lures


With these 4 lures you are ready for most situations!

Creature Baits Bundle (YouTube approved✅)



Creature Baits from Berkley proven to work very good to target the perch.

Dobb Daddy Bundle!


Perfect Dobb Daddy Bundle!

Edvin Johansson's Perch Pick


We asked Edvin Johansson to come up with the ultimate bundle for this summer!

Finesse Perch Bundle


Bundle put together of us, target: PERCH ✅

Flatnose Dragon x 5 Bundle

EJ Lures


Bundle with 7 colors of the Flatnose Dragon!

Flatnose Shad Golddigger and stinger

EJ Lures


This bundle contains one Flatnose Shad in the color Golddigger and a stinger!

Headbanger Shad 16cm Bundle

Headbanger Lures


Very unique moving pattern - a class of its own!

ICE OUT PIKE BUNDLE (Edvin's picks)


This is Edvins favorites for ICE OUT pike fishing. Get inspired and catch pike!

ICE OUT Tobias Pike Bundle


This is Tobias favorites for ICE OUT pike fishing. Get inspired and catch pike!

KÖFI Perch - Motoroil Perch Bundle



This color is 🔥🔥

Köfi Perch "Zander Skin" Bundle



Lifelike immitation of a Zander will trick the hungry predators!

Köfi Perch 7 cm BUNDLE (Team Galant approved ✅)



Team Galant approved ✅

Mega Perch bundle


Something for every situation, fill up your box with these handpicked lures by us!

Mega Softbaits Bundle Pike


Our favorite softbaits cooked down in a bundle to target the hungry pike!




The Nays PRDTR has taken the market by storm.

Perch Bundle - Picked by us


EJ Lures



Bundle our team put together that will catch perch!

PERCH PRO Bundle v2


Bundle with lures you probably seen cathing fish in PERCH PRO 7!

Pig Shad Tournament 18cm with stinger BUNDLE


Perfect bundle if you are looking for that perfect swimming action and size for your pike ...

Pink Bundle - Nettel Laken and Hooligan Roach

Nettel Baits



Sometimes, a pink lure is just what you need!

Team Galant Hardbait selection Mega bundle


Very effective bundle when hunting for the Perch!

The PIG SHAD 23cm BUNDLE (custom colors)

Strike Pro


Includes our 7 custom colors of Pig Shad 23cm, a BFT stinger and 4 stickers!




Wellknown hardbait proven to catch big fish!

Crayfish Immitation Bundle (Creaturebaits)


Secret weapon when the perch are not very active! Also fits perfecly in deeper lakes where...

Creature Baits Bundle V2 (YouTube approved)



Another fun bundle of lures used by Pontus and Tobias Fränstam.