Fish Candy Rubber Jig Box



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What is this?

The Ready-to-Fish Rubber Jig Box gives you direct access to fishing with the popular crab imitations.

The Rubber-Jig Box # 002 is delivered with the following items:

Rubber jigs
Softbaits & trailers
We recommend rods with a casting weight of ~ 7-35g

Rubber jigs - the popular crab imitations for fishing in the cover
The rubber jigs, also known as skirted jigs, imitate crabs, which repeatedly straighten their claws while fleeing from predators. There are various sizes and colors, as well as rubber jigs with & without herb protection, the so-called Weedguard.
Depending on how strong it is, fishing in sunken trees is even possible.

5x rubber jigs
You get five rubber jigs in different, catchy colors, different sizes and weights. Especially in summer over herb fields, we also recommend the use of steel or titanium.

4x softbaits
You will receive four full packs of softbaits, suitable for the rubber jigs supplied. We rely on CreatureBaits, pin & paddle details.

A pack of snaps, so that you don't lose time, should it be necessary to change the weight or the bait as soon as possible

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