Gunki Skyward BC 200 reel

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Latest generation GUNKI reel and the perfect partner for thr new SKYWARD rods 🔥

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What is this?

Featuring fast line retrieve designed for rapid prospection styles. The dual break casting drag system combines a magnetic drag with a centrifugal mechanism that gives you very precise control over each cast and can be used with the very lightest of lures.

Smooth, reliable and robust engineering for long lasting performance no matter what method or species of fish you are after.Low profile body. 5kg drag system.

Line retrieve: 74cm/handle turn. Handle on the left.

Plus points:
- Low profile compact body
- Precise and smooth
- High retrieve ratio
- Stainless steel bearings
- Infinite back wind
- Perforated aluminium spool
- Powerful and progressive combat drag (5kg)
- Dual break magnetic and centrifugal casting drag for zero friction
- Ergonomic sensigrip handle

Handle side Handle on left side