Miuras Mouse Bundle (Perfect gift)

  • Pig Shad Jr - Crystal Pike - 2 pack (price: $13.76)
  • Miuras Mouse - 23 cm, 95 gr White Christmas (price: $41.50)
  • Miuras Mouse Mini 20cm, 60gr Baitfish (price: $36.87)


Nobody could have missed the Miuras Mouse and the big fish it delivers!

This purchase will pay 1 298 fishcoins now!
What is this?

These unique baits are perfect to give away to the dedicated pike fisherman! Nobody will be dissapointed.


1 x Miuras Mouse - 23 cm, 95 gr in color White Christmas

1 x Miuras Mouse Mini 20cm, 60gr in color Baitfish

2 x Pig Shad Jr 20 cm 50gr in the kanalgratis custom color Crystal Pike.

Included on the Miuras Mouse is a twintail, and the Pig Shad Jr is perfect if you want to change between the twintail and a paddle tail. Easy to change!