Molix Lover Chatterbait Jig MAGNUM 44gr

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Skirted Vibration Jig from Molix

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When Italian design meets a talented U.S. pro like Mike Iaconelli, what comes next is a new bait category called “Special Vibration Jigs. ”The Lover is a lure built with the latest and most performing materials available, such as the special grade ABS body. When matched with our exclusive “reverse shovel lip,” the Lover exceeds any known action when it comes to scanning the water and searching for predators.

It can be used with ease in heavy cover with the single high performance hook rigged with a special stop for trailers. For structure free water or short striking fish, use the version with the special dressed treble hook. The Molix Lover Skirted Vibration Jig can accommodate a wide range of soft plastic trailers. Available in a range of proven colors, the Molix Lover Skirted Vibration Jig is perfect for fishing around timber, rip rap, boat docks or other aquatic vegetation. sinking with slow retrieve and shallow with fast retrieve.

14 gr. 1-pack.