Perch hardbait Fall bundle

  • Bantam Macbeth, 50mm, 12g, 002 (price: $16.26)
  • Headbanger Shad 11 cm, Motoroil Suspending (price: $14.34)
  • Berkley® Zilla Flanker 11cm, 29g , Perch (price: $13.38)
  • Svartzonker McHybrid Baby 8cm, Lysrör (price: $6.64)
  • McSnack 9cm, Golden Minnow (price: $11.45)
  • Shimano Lure Bantam Kozak DR, 54mm 8g, 206 (price: $14.34)
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We have selected our favorite perch hardbaits to use this fall! Different types and colors to cover all the situations you can imagine!

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What is this?

If you have a hard time knowing what to fish for bait during the Fall, you have a perfectly assembled bundle here. Some of our favorite hard baits at a great bundle price! 

Bundle includes:

Shimano Lure Bantam Macbeth, 50mm, 12g in color, 002. The Bantam Macbeth is a great crank for cover cranking. Due to the unique low center of gravity weight the lure barely gets snagged anymore (see movie). The wide action is due to the ‘Slash Edge lip’, which has a thinner design on both sides, that gives less water resistance and as a result a better and wider rolling and kicking action.

Headbanger Shad 11 cm, Motoroil Suspening. Headbanger lures move with creativity and variation never seen before. These lures add something truly unique to your tackle box. Weight is 11 gr, Depth is 0,5-1,8 meters.

Berkley® Zilla Flanker 11cm, 29g, Perch. 
The Zilla Flanker is a shallow running wobbler that has a steady flanking action on a steady retrieve. Fished fast or slow, this flanker will run perfect and catch loads of fish. When jerked/twitched it flashes side-to-side and has erratic movements. The Weight Ramp system ensures long and precise casts. Diving depth: 0,5 – 1,5+m.

Svartzonker McHybrid Baby 8cm, Lysrör. 
McHybrid gives you the best of two worlds. You get the durability of a hard bait and at the same time the smooth and fish like action of a shad tail. This lure can be fished in two different depth levels. The lower ring gives a shallow and softer action while the upper ring provides a deeper and quicker movement. McHybrid can also be combined with the soft tails of McMy and McMio. This will give the lure a slower action which can suit lower water temperatures very well.

McSnack 9cm, Golden Minnow. 
This little jerkbait will trigger even the slowest pike wiht its frenetic movement. 9cm, 22 gr.

Shimano Lure Bantam Kozak DR, 54mm 8g, 206 Lime. 
The Kozak has a great wide swimming action for all retrieve speeds, from slow to high. Due to the round and bulky shape, it has both a rolling and wide kicking action, making it irresistible for all predators.

Now you have everything you need and you are ready for Fall fishing!