Seven Bass Design - Flatform Junior, Grey/Red

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What is this?

What's included?

- The float tube (obviously ;-) )
- Seat
- 2 oars
- Motor mount
- Repaire kit
- Removalbe fin
- Carry all bag
- 2 Simple side bags

- Pump

Some specifikations:

- Length: 170cm
- Width: 155 cm
- Weight: 15kg
- Max. load: 180 kg
- Compositions: Dropstitch 15 cm en 2700g/m²
- Max. Pressure: 15 Psi / 1 Bar (dropstitch) 3.6 Psi / 0.25 Bar (PVC latéral)
- Max. power: 55 LBS

The smallest version of the Flatform family, the JUNIOR offers the same size as most conventional float tubes.

Ultimate evolution of what is done on this type of innovative products, the FLATFORM JUNIOR has no rigid structure.

The FLATFORM JUNIOR, like its big brothers, is composed of 3 parts. On the sides are rolls made of PVC reinforced and coated. But this central part is made in 3D Mesh, the SEVEN BASS AIR DROPSTITCH! The dropstich is a very fine mesh polyester son to keep the desired shape once the unit inflated. This mesh structure and stiffens all so that your FLATFORM JUNIOR does not look like a big balloon once gong! This is the so-called "dropstitch" technique.

This production will allow you all the extravagances that you have never imagined with a float tube .... Indeed, you will enjoy a place is a stability that will even allow you to fish standing on your FLATFORM JUNIOR, despite its 1.70m long and 1.55m wide !!

Its manufacture is of the best quality that it is and the equipment is very complete with oars on the lateral rolls, which allows them to have the ladies of higher tows, side bags with their system CLIPLINE, a sternum to install an electric motor.

The FLATFORM JUNIOR is delivered "Plug & Go Ready": three "Plug & Go" bases are already installed, you just have to equip your boat as you wish with the sonar stand, GoCam Mount, cane holder, etc ...

Question navigation it also benefits from the "Bat Wing" between the legs that will come to break the wave that will be created when we navigate the electric motor, we also added "rocker" on the two points for easy navigation and sliding on the water when a little chop rises!

We also equipped it with our "CLIPLINE system" which will allow you to secure your "flex cargo side bags" or other accessories, we modified the engine support for more security.

On the hull, two small fins are permanently positioned under the side flanges, while a large removable fin is located at the rear, before the engine position.

Stowed in his carrying bag, it easily fits into the trunk of a car. Inflated in minutes, it is perfectly rigid thanks to its significant thickness of more than 16cm (6 ') inflated to a maximum pressure of 15 psi for the dropstich part, and 3 psi on the PVC sides

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