Darts Bullet Weight Tungsten



Bullet weights for your Texas and Carolina rigs.

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Perfect tungsten bullet weight for Texas and Carolina rigging. Sinks fast and creates loud clicking sounds together with an Articulation Bead that drives the perch crazy. Environmental friendly.

Make your own Texas or Carolina rig with an Offset Wide Gap Hook in desired size, an Articulation Bead and a Bullet Weight Tungsten on a piece of Fluorocarbon ICE (or Bauer Pike Wire if there's a lot of pike in the area) and finish the rig with a Fastach snap and a BFT Crane Swivel. See a picture of the full rig in the picture list above.

Click here to see video on how to rig and use the Texas Rig and Carolina Rig!

Available in 7,2 grams (3 pack), 10,6 grams (2 pack), 14 grams (2 pack) and 21 grams (2 pack).

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Bullet weights for your Texas and Carolina rigs.