Edvins Baitcasting Perch Fishingkit


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A killer set-up for your perch fishing, used by Edvin Johansson!

  • Gator Explorer Bait Twitch Perch 7 ́2" 5-25gr Baitcasting (price: $161.59)
  • Strike Wire Extreme - Moss Green 135m 0,13mm (price: $34.54)
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What is this?

Edvin have a new set-up for his perch fishing, this baitcasting set containing a high-end rod from Gator and one of the best reel on the market in this price range from Shimano. The rod and the reel are really a perfect match, you can fish both perch and zander with it!

Gator Explorer Bait Twitch Perch 7 ́2" 5-25gr Baitcasting 

The 7’2” 40ton super slim, lightweight blank is dressed in a satin black non glare finish, and ultra transmissive for super sensitive bite indication and a lure cast weight of up to 25gm.

A fast action and medium power produces fast hooksets without hookpulls with a forgiving, progressive power curve, with Gators Hi- viz tip technology and a G2 vibe casting open vibration reel seat means you are connected with the blank for optimal bite responsiveness.

Ideal for Jig, twitch, jerk, texas, carolina rig fishing.

Shimano Curado DC

The new Shimano Curado DC is a brand new reel which features a DC braking system in a lower price class. The I-DC4 braking system will help the angler to cast better and reduces the change of backlash.

Read more about the Shimano Curado baitcasting reel here.


Weight: - 220gr
Gear Ratio - 6.2:1
CM per retreiev: 66cm
Bearings - 6+1
Max Drag - 5kg
Line Capacity (MM/M) - 0.33-100
Line Capacity (LB/YDS) - 10-120,12-110,14-90


Weight - 220gr
Gear Ratio - 7.4:1
CM per retreiev: 79cm
Bearings - 6+1
Max drag (KG) - 5
Line capacity (MM/M) - 0.33-100
Line capacity (LB/YDS) - 10-120,12-110,14-90

 Strike Wire Extreme - Moss Green 135m, 0,13mm

Strike Wire Extreme is a tight braided superline from CWC. A tough and powerful superline for all kinds of fishing. From big game fishing to vertical jigging. New technology delivers longer-lasting durability, abrasion resistance and toughness. Strike Wire Extreme delivers complete control when the big fish take your bait, and the strength you need to get ‘em in your boat.

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