Gunki Gennaker 10,5 gr



Designed for anglers targeting perch!

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What is this?

The dimensions of the GENNAKER are designed for anglers targeting perch and black bass. This compact spinnerbait - inspired by the design of the BOOMER- features a pronounced signal eye, low centre of gravity and perfect balance. The blade, specially designed by GUNKI, is fitted to a high quality bearing swivel and starts turning as soon as it touches the water.

Gives off strong vibrations without offering too much resistance on the retrieve. Stainless steel 0.9mm wire is both solid and controls the power of the spinning blade. Designed for active fishing, the GENNAKER casts well and can be flicked into holes and next to snags where fish like to hole up. The lure can be worked in different ways- as a falling bait, slow rolling style or worked back fast. Pike are not indifferent to its charms and the skirt has been whipped with wire to stand up to teeth damage. Hook 2/0. Weight Bismuth Tin. Rubber ring on the wire for attachment.

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Designed for anglers targeting perch!