#LMAB KÖFI Multi Vibe Chatterbait 1/0



The master of vibrations

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What is this?

The #LMAB KØFI Mulit Vibe is a very universal chatterbait that packs a ton of innovation. First of all, the blades are interchangeable and two different colors are supplied for each unit. In addition, the blade of the Multi Vibe is attached to a small "outrigger", which gives the bait a completely new game.

There is no carabiner in the blade itself, but a Fasttach connector, which increases stability and makes it easier to clip into snaps at the end of the leader. The #LMAB KØFI Multi Vibe is well made and available in great designs. The hook is needle-sharp and very durable thanks to its black-nickel finish. The eyes used increase the attraction and due to its crazy run with enormous vibrations, almost no robber can get past it unscathed.

The fine silicone skirt creates a provocative game during fast retrieve as well as slow. It can be optimally combined with various soft baits as a trailer. The Multi Vibe size 1/0 is perfect as a chatterbait for perch and zander. It is available in three weights of 7, 10 and 14 grams and they cover a wide range of depths. An all-round successful chatterbait that is just a little different than the competition.

Ideal trailer length: 8 to 12 cm

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The master of vibrations